Prostate Vitamins: To Pop or Not to Pop?

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Bottles of prostate vitamins are stacked on the shelves of health stores and drug stores. You may see a bottle containing a single vitamin or mineral in high dosages or a combination of vitamins and minerals that promise 'all-in-one' prostate vitamins in a single bottle. All of them preach to help men live a prostate cancer free life, and some even claim to prevent advancement or progression of prostate cancer. The question now is, do you really need to pop in those pills?

There are studies which show that Beta Carotene, Vitamin E and Selenium help fight cancer, although no proof has been shown for their ability to prevent prostate cancer, per se. In fact, there is a study, although it is still inconclusive, which shows that intake of these vitamins in large doses advances the stage of a prostate cancer patient. So what does it tells us? It tells us that we don't need to pop in those pills. Eating the right food and getting the right exercise are the keys in getting the right amount of prostate vitamins, keeping them in our system when needed, and excreting them naturally when there are excesses.

Our bodily organs need the right amount of vitamins and minerals to function properly. Having low levels of any of these vitamins in our bloodstream may immediately cause irregularities in the natural rhythm of our internal systems leading to paralysis and even death. This is the same with having too much of it in our system. So, if you have very low levels of potassium, you will suffer from lower body paralysis and numbness in extremities; with high level of potassium, you'll suffer in the same way.

To keep yourself healthy, keep those pills at bay. Discuss them first with your physician if you are planning to add up prostate vitamins in pill form with your daily diet. He's the best person to tell you when to take, how much of it, and when to stop popping them up.