Prostate Supplements: Get Your Daily Intake Through Food

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Although men ages 50 and up are the likely candidate to have a prostate cancer, hospitals and health institutes reported that there were men below 40 who were diagnosed with prostate cancer. Many men blame the disease to their forefathers; but, they can't always put the blame to their ancestors. If they would only be vigilant enough to check for the telltale signs of prostate cancer and eat the right food, the 'inheritance' won't be passed on onto them.

Regular test screening is the first step in preventing and managing early stage of prostate cancer. The second step, but the most important one, is to get your daily prostate supplements. You can get your daily nutritional intake of these prostate supplements by incorporating in your diet foods that are rich in lycopene, isoflavones, sulforaphane and polyphenols, the anti-cancer chemicals.

You don't need to buy prostate supplements in vanilla shake or in pills. Eating the right foods will do. For instance, to get your regular prostate supplements of lycopene, you need to eat two servings of food with tomato sauce in a week. There would be no 'overdose' of prostate supplements if you add more helpings of lycopene rich foods since your body will just excrete the excesses naturally.

Soy-based food, such as soy sauce, Soya milk, and tofu are rich in isoflavones. Cauliflowers and broccolis contain sulforaphane that help the cells cope up with the damage caused by cancer cells. Drinking a glass of red wine immediate slows the growth of tumors and cancer cells because of high percentage of polyphenols in red wine. Green tea is an alternative for people who can't tolerate the alcohol in red wine.

You don't need a dietary overhaul to get the right amount of prostate cancer preventive foods. Just add up these foods in your diet and trim off foods that accelerate growth of cancer such as grilled meats and processed foods.