Ejaculation Drains The Prostate

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Is there a way to detect prostate cancer early enough so it could be cured early enough? Most men are afraid to have their prostates examined for detection of any dysfunction; this is either because they are shy to have someone take a close-up look at their organ, or they are afraid that something wrong would be suspected there and it would lead to an operation. Yes, most big hunks of men are afraid of the needle. And they have a good reason to be afraid because they hear scary stories about some operations permanently disabling the normal functions of the testes, including ejaculation. Yes, ejaculation is a necessary cleansing exercise for the prostate.

See, Webster's dictionary defines the prostate gland as "an organ that surrounds the urethra of males at the base of the bladder, comprising a muscular portion, which controls the release of urine, and a glandular portion, which secretes an alkaline fluid that makes up part of the semen and enhances the motility and fertility of sperm." The mere thought that this part of a man's anatomy that spells his masculinity will be invaded and probed and, sometimes, even removed. Scary thought, isn't it?

Even scarier is the post-operation nightmare for most men: prostatectomy shortens the penis, and radiation therapy stiffens the arteries in that area; and the macho men are afraid that their sex life will never be the same again. This is not always the case of course. A few days after an operation, when the surgeon says it's okay, penile erection is encouraged as an exercise to keep the penis pliable and regain its strength during sexual contact. In fact, most surgeons encourage this penile exercise to decrease the possibility of post-operation impotence.

It is important for a man who has been diagnosed and/or operated on for prostate cancer to remember that he is not alone in the arena. In addition to the support and medical advices of his oncologists and surgeons, his loved ones, those who sincerely care for him, will be there with him and for him in his journey through this bout against cancer. These are the only things that should matter to him.