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Prostate Cancer Symptoms: A Guide for Every Man
For men who did experience prostate cancer symptoms, the most common are frequent urination, increased tendency to urinate at night, difficulty in maintaining a steady stream of urine, pain during urination and blood in the urine.

Characterizing Prostate Cancer
Prostate cancer is a disease occurring in the walnut-sized gland that is part of the male reproductive system. This gland, called prostate, is located in front of the rectum and underneath the urinary bladder.

Risk Factors of Prostate Cancer: Who Are Most Likely to Have It?
Prostate cancer has been found to occur in higher percentages among African Americans than any other race. Compared with Asian and European countries, the United States is where the disease occurs more commonly.

Prostate Treatments for Various Disorders
Prostate treatments can be for benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), prostatitis or cancer. The symptoms of these prostate gland disorders are similar in almost all counts; the most common being, frequent urination, pain or burning during urination and blood in the urine or semen.

Supplements for Prostate Health: How Effective Are They?
Supplements for prostate health are not cures, they are habits and nutrients that can help improve a man's prostate health and thereby narrow his chances of acquiring prostate-related disorders such as prostatitis, enlarged prostate and even cancer.

Common Ingredients of Supplements for Prostate Health
Most supplements for prostate health are based on herbs, vitamins and minerals that have been proven to help in the maintenance of the prostate gland.

Chronic Prostatitis and Autoimmunity
Chronic prostatitis can be categorized either as chronic bacterial or chronic pelvic pain syndrome, also known as pelvic myoneuropathy. Aside from these two types, prostatitis can also be classified as acute or asymptomatic inflammatory.

Causes of Prostate Cancer: Medications and Nutritional Links
The specific causes of prostate cancer still remain a mystery to scientists, but the identification of several factors that influence the development of the disease is a big step towards knowing how to manage the condition.

How Far Has Science Come in Understanding the Causes of Prostate Cancer?
The causes of prostate cancer, or any other type of cancer for that matter, have remained a mystery to those who are studying the disease.

Even the Best Prostate Cancer Treatment Can Have Side Effects
It is a sad reality that even the best prostate cancer treatment can have side effects. For each therapeutic option, there usually exists a corresponding side effect.

The Best Prostate Cancer Treatment for Each Type of Patient
Whether a therapeutic technique is the best prostate cancer treatment for a patient depends on his age and expected life span, the stage and grade of the cancer, possible side effects and other health problems that the patient might have.

Ejaculation Drains The Prostate
Many men may not know that ejaculation is a necessary cleansing exercise for the prostate.

Exercise Your Way to Good Health
Though there is no recorded scientific evidence of inhibitory effects of physical exercise on the growth of prostate cancer cells, it is still a popular belief that exercise dramatically reduces cancer risk.

Combat Prostate Cancer Through Healthy Eating
Proper nutrition is always tapped in man's quest to ward off or fight cancer of any sort. Eat healthy, and live a life that's free from any dreaded disease.

Could Prostrate Cancer be Caused by the Food We Eat?
What are the probable dietary causes of prostate cancer?

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